Men's Pants - Closeout

Size Guide
Men's Pants Size Guide
Men's Pants Size Guide
Closeout pants are made from 30% Wool/55% Polyester/15% PTT. Pants run small, we suggest ordering at least 1 size up from you normal waist size. Due to deep discounts, these items are not eligible for free returns. We will accept a return and refund your money if you send the item back to us, and it has no additional issues. Coupon codes are not valid for these products.
Step 4 : Taper the leg? (+$15.00 )
Taper option will remove 1" circumference from the thigh and taper down to the ankle where we will remove 2.5" circumference. Selecting a leg taper will make the pants non-refundable. Not recommended for 1st time customers.